Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The New World Order

What is the New World Order?

The term New World Order, was coined in the late 19th century when America and England where both in periods of industrial revolution. A Few rich and powerful men dreamed of a world where there would be no possibility of war, and life on earth would be ruled by educated men for the "benefit" of all mankind. These men devoted their lives, talents and wealth to seeing the plan carried through. All of these men, who where British originally, planed to spread the English empire to the entire world. The most important figures included: Cecil Rhodes, Andrew Carnegie, H.G. Wells and members of the Fabian Society.

Cecil Rhodes- Founder of the diamond company De Beers, where he made his fortune in Africa. He was a racist who was quoted in saying in his last will and testament, "I contend that we are the finest race in the world and that the more of the world we inhabit the better it is for the human race.", speaking of white Anglo Saxon protestants. When he died he donated his fortune to Oxford University to set up the Rhodes Scholarship Program to carry out his ideas.

Andrew Carnegie- Founded the company U.S. Steel in the United States where he made his fortune. He used his subsequent fortune to set up foundations for educational, religious and political organizations which where meant to "Cultivate the international mind". The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace began funding education.The Fabian Society- a group of men in England who believed that socialism was the way to organize the world for social progress.

H.G. Wells - a member of this society and wrote a book entitled "The New World Order" (1939) where he says that socialism is bound to occur and that it would be a terrible struggle where "quite gallant and graceful -looking people" would "die protesting against it."

By 1945 The State Department was mostly controlled by Rhodes scholars and Carnegie Endowment members.

The New World Order in short is the idea of a bringing together of all the countries of the world into a one world government. This will be achieved through the United Nations and its agencies. It’s a very intricate process which involves many things which we will be discussing in other posts. Basically the rise of the NWO brings down America as we know it, the constitution and the bill of rights. It is an attempt to make us a Socialist nation with the hopes of bringing all nations together under one world government complete with a world court, army, taxes and other aspects of controlling the people of the world, through education, population control, health care, the environment, reproduction, economy, immigration etc....

The Illuminati

The term Illuminati is thrown around loosely these days in books, movies, and video games. The real Illuminati, however, can be classified by their two roles; that of the past and that of today.

The Bavarian Illuminati were founded by Adam Weishaupt in 1776. This movement can be described as an offshoot of sorts from the free-thinkers of the Enlightenment in Europe at that time. The members, which had reached over 10,000 Europe wide within 10 years, planned to infiltrate and overthrow the numerous European States of the time. The goal was to have Illuminati members in power as puppet rulers so that the Illuminati higher-ups could actually dictate the real actions. This plan never came to fruition as secret-societies were outlawed at that time.

The modern Illuminati is a little bit more tricky to pin-point. No-one has ever publicly acknowledged a secret society forming around the early ideas and principles of Adam Weishaupt but many conspiracy theorists believe that there is a group operating worldwide in the background. These 'men behind the curtain' dictate governmental actions all over the world. They aren't just politicians, but businessmen, intellectuals, financial barons, military minds and the like.

The problem here is not a group of people meeting. It is the power of ideas, and Adam Weishaupt's ideas told of an association or order that would eventually come to govern the world; the main goal of which was to banish religion and overturn civil governments. He tried to make these dangerous ideas sound a little less harmless by camouflaging them. Who would fight the idea of a nicer, better world where we were all unified. Such an idea was sure noble.

Adam Weishaupt wanted a new way for the world. A new world order.


We're going to be going over some terms we use a lot in an effort to educate and keep things from becoming confusing. Everything we present will be presented from the assumption that you're coming into this with no knowledge of what we're talking about. A lot of the ideas we're going to be writing about are very related, so a lot of the same terms are going to keep popping up.
Happy reading!

Some of the key things we will be discussing in the near future:

  • Illuminati (Both past and present)
  • FEMA and some of their activities
  • Healthcare
  • Vaccines
  • Inadequacy of Public Schools
  • Indoctrination of policy in Colleges around the country
  • The NWO (New World Order)
If any of you have a topic you have questions of or would like presented, let us know!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Little Bit About Us

Okay, first things first: We're two college students, but no, we're not poly-sci majors. We just happen to be two opinionated girls with some poignant observations, and we just want to share what we think with people who (hopefully) care about where our society is going as much as we do.

Here's what we think--our society is so degraded we don't know what to think. Every day we interact with people of all ages, we are so taken aback by what we see. No one seems to care about values anymore. Our schools indoctrinate us with politically correct lies instead of teaching us facts. Our financial system is seriously flawed. Our companies are being bailed out by the government, but at what price? Our country's systems are flawed. Our society is flawed. Everything is crashing down and needs some serious fixing, and the thing that scares us the most is imagining what it's going to take to fix it. Does anyone care anymore?

Let me rephrase that: Does anyone care enough to fight for it?