Wednesday, November 26, 2008


We're going to be going over some terms we use a lot in an effort to educate and keep things from becoming confusing. Everything we present will be presented from the assumption that you're coming into this with no knowledge of what we're talking about. A lot of the ideas we're going to be writing about are very related, so a lot of the same terms are going to keep popping up.
Happy reading!

Some of the key things we will be discussing in the near future:

  • Illuminati (Both past and present)
  • FEMA and some of their activities
  • Healthcare
  • Vaccines
  • Inadequacy of Public Schools
  • Indoctrination of policy in Colleges around the country
  • The NWO (New World Order)
If any of you have a topic you have questions of or would like presented, let us know!

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